MJ’s reopened Saturday

We have finally reopened Saturday Oct 27 2018. David Csiszer started off the night sounding better than I ever heard! Then, after David rocking the house, Veronica Weksler took over for her MJ’s Debut! We have waited a long time for this day and between Veronica capturing the hearts of everyone and David making sure you felt the music, the opening put us over the top! 🙂

There’s no way in telling if we’d have a successful opening, or if anyone even remembered who we are. Honestly, that made us very nervous. To our surprise, many people remembered us and we made a lot of new friends! We can’t thank everyone enough for a great night!

Unfortunately, our connection was horrible so pics are few. They will be posted very soon.

MJ’s Blues Bears Story

This is a story of audience, resident, and reader involvement (If you so choose)

We are looking for our bears. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
You can help by adding your sighting and or pictures of proof (if any) to this section.

Most of you may already know about our 2 bears, they were our house tip jar. One day CapnJack Blazer went to the club to check in on things before a show, Next thing he knew he was ambushed by some mean and evil avatars!

Everything went black. All Cap remembers is a bunch of noise, then his grid crashed. He hurried to log back in only to discover the bears and all the tips were gone! MJ’s was griefed and robbed at the same time! We don’t know who it was or if they planned the attack but I do know we want our bears back.

After we cleaned up, Cap checked Primsworthy for any records of avatars that visited MJ’s. We recondized every name that stopped by and knew not one of them did this.

But how can someone mask their name so our visitor log doesn’t reord them?

We don’t know the answer to that
In fact, all we got so far is this ransom note…

MJ’s Barn in SL

MJ’s SL SHOUTcast Barn

This is a Picture of our New 2018 SHOUTcast Barn inside SL ( SecondLife ). MJ’s has been serving SL and RL for 11yrs since 2007 :).

Now with Updated Server Boxes and Brand New Centova controls. MJ’s Stream Solutions is here to make your streaming experience as easy as 123, well we will try. 🙂 We offer all sizes of Streams, you name it we will build it!. Certain restrictions do apply for all of MJ’s Stream Solutions Packages.

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