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MJ’s Blues opened for a lot of different reasons. Second Life was just 3 years old, and there were few live venues to visit. CapnJac built MJ’s and a house of blues soon became a home to a lot of SL residents and musicians. Many live venues began to open soon after and the love […]


Big Daddy Blues, Tone Uriza returns to MJ’s Blues Saturday May 2nd 2020 at 7pm SLT 10pm EST Visit his Youtube¬†for a tastse

Where is the Bear

We have hope somewhere the bear is safe. If you have seen him, please let us know. Try to take pictures and post them. Here’s what happened… We were getting ready for a show. CapnJac went ahead to MJs to set up. A few moments after he arrive, he heard some noise, it went completely […]

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