4/20 Gemstone Peace Symbol

Getting ready for Earth Day? Same with us!

With all of the crazy stuff going on these days, it’s nice to know we can still find peace in our lives. Wearing a peace symbol can help others remember we’re all only human. We’re reminded that we can still hold hands. laugh, cry, sing out loud, and enjoy each other. But none of this is possible without our planet! It’s where

So for this Earth Day, I’ve made peace symbols with natural gemstones and pure copper. For added Peace Of Mind, when you order today, shipping is free and you will also receive a matching leather, gemstone chain necklace so you can instantly wear your piece. A gift value of $20. This gift won’t last, I hope you order soon

4/20 Gemstone Peace Symbol
Time to stock up on 4/20 gear! Peace symbol with tanzanite or Ethiopian Opal gemstone
Available Qty: 30
Price: $40.00
Price: $15.00
Stone :
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