Bear Tip Jar

MJ’s Blues opened for a lot of different reasons. Second Life was just 3 years old, and there were few live venues to visit. CapnJac built MJ’s and a house of blues soon became a home to a lot of SL residents and musicians. Many live venues began to open soon after and the love of music could be seen and heard all across the grid!

We don’t have a house tip jar and that seems to bother or confuse people. So I want to explain;

There is nothing better than the support for music and venues inside SL. The fans literally keep us all alive and thriving! The help and support from others, honestly helps offset the costs so the venue can host another live show. The friendships and real connections are beyond words!


When MJs hosts a show, it’s for all of you! A small way to say thank you for making everything possible. Every show is because you deserve to know that from the day our doors opened, in Feb 2007, you have always been there for us. Let us be there for you now

So at MJ’s, we hope you’ll kick your feet up and take a break. Forget that you’re our super heroes for a moment and allow me to tell you the story about how MJ’s Blues became a House Tip Jar free venue. (It wasn’t our fault) And how your super hero powers are still needed, but in a different way…..

As  you continue to read, you’ll see why we aren’t sure if the bear was bear-napped or ran off on his own. All we know is what was sent to us and other clues found during our PI’s investigation.

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