Braided Ring Tutorial

With Gemstones

In this tutorial. I explain how to braid, add a couple beads and then attach the braid to a frame to create this stunning ring. You can use the same technique to create bracelets for a matching set!

Each page has highly detailed photos and description, explaining every step. From braiding to completion.

You’ll need 18 gauge wire, some 26 gauge wire for wrapping, a couple of 4mm beads, a mandrel and couple tools, to make this ring in about 90 minutes your first time. Each time you make one, you’ll get faster and in time, it should only take about 30 minuets to make one of these beauties.

They’ll be a great item in your own shop, and people love to watch these rings being made.

This ring is a hot item in any shop! Even in my own shop, I have a hard time keeping them in stock. They are one of my top sellers! That’s GREAT NEWS

Unfortunately, I can only let 100 copies of the tutorial go at this price.

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