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Red Mystery Box

Red Mystery Box Auction. Click Here for RMB Auction #23 To date I have hosted 22 mystery auctions, and each one was filled with more than the auction winner could ever imagine. The auction would start at an opening bid. As the bidding progresses, so does the value of the box. In other words, let’s […]

Swirl Ring Tutorial

A unique design that has been around for years! Not many take on the challenge, however you’ll soon find this ring is one of the easiest designs to make! I walk you through each step with pictures and detailed information. Within an hour, you’ll wear a designer looking ring! All you need is 14 or […]

Guitar Stand

A nice easy to follow tutorial to help you make a guitar display stand. Whether you make guitars for wearing or display on a shelf, you’ll love this idea! As far as I know, there isn’t a guitar stand tutorial available. I make them frequently and thought you might like to also. I have plenty […]

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