Copper Weave Coiled Ring

Here is a unique coil wrapped ring. like no other. We’ve seen many coiled coil style wraps, but have you ever seen a coil made from an actual weave?

As the market populates with every way a coiled wrap can be designed and incorporated into pieces, I decided to coil a small weave I made for a different look. Maybe even a new challenge for designers to take on and work their magic!

With my own arthritic fingers, at first I thought the comfort level would be a big fail! The weave pattern isn’t meant for rings, necessarily. But when I first put this on, I was shocked! Smooth feeling and with a therapeutic feeling. I’ve impressed myself lol

Also, no sliding. This ring style doesn’t slide around your finger. Plus the design stops just before the curve of the finger so you don’t experience a bulky feeling between your fingers.

The ring is designed to be adjustable. It’s very sturdy and adjusting will take a little pressure. That is why I offer to custom size each one. Being there is very little room for adjusting as well, this ring won’t open and fall off your finger by itself. The ends are hammered and filed to be flat and very smooth. Completely made by hand

You should be one of the first to own and show off such a unique ring. I will custom make one just for you, so you can size it to fit perfectly. I don’t charge extra for adjustments or treatment.

Order below, I’ll confirm and have your ring ready in no time

Wire used is reclaimed copper wire. Helping everyway we can to save ours, and our families’ future, one wrap at a time!

Copper Ring
Weaved and Coiled Copper Ring
Available Qty: 3
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