Getting Started

If you’re just starting out, you have a lot of questions, right? One of the first I usually hear is “what tools should I get first?’ You will always use a couple, no matter the project.

I recommend picking up pliers and wire cutters first. Don’t go to the tool shop or Home Depot to get the latest and greatest tool box special, those tools are not designed for jewelry. Go to a craft shop or online.

For round nose pliers, try Beadalon round nose pliers if you can find them. I’ve had one pair for 10 plus years. I put them through a lot! Fact is, they should have snapped by now lol Not expensive either so don’t expect the best.

Flat nose pliers are also something you’ll use a lot of.

I currently use a special set of flat nose pliers that are designed especially for ring prong creation. They are calibrated by size in millimeters and have good straight edges for percise edging. Something you may get into later down the road. I use them a lot.

Of course wire cutters are important. You won’t complete a project without them. Keeping it simple, pick up a regular pair of wire cutters.

To get started, you can begin with those simple and easy to get tools. You’ll spend about $30 dollars, depending on what you decide and where you live. But even just $30 can get you a long way! Most the tools I now have cost that each lol. As you grow, so will your tool box. Start off small, learn more about the tools and uses and pick up what you need when you need it.

The wire I suggest to begin with is dead soft wire, copper, sizes 20 gauge and 26 gauge.

Most projects use these sizes, especially for beginner projects. Dead soft because it’s easy to bend, but also easy to kink, so keep that in mind.

On the site are pages with skill sets to help you learn some different weaving techniques. Take advantage of them.

I have a 2 wire pendant tutorial you can start with. This project is perfect to get comfortable weaving. Once you’re done, you’ll have a beautiful pendant, you made, and the best thing is this will help inspire you to create more designs using the same pendant style! I’ve seen it happen 😉

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