Gnome Leads The Way

It’s always been easy for Tippy to make friends. He has a heart bigger than anyone I know. On the farm he would check in on the frogs and geese in the mornings. Just making sure everyone was safe and had a good meal. He would look in the barn for eggs then head to the house for morning breakfast with me and Jac.

Tippy found a baby bird once. Her mom was flying around, frantic of course. Tippy gently climbed up the hay stack to place the baby back in her nest. The mother bird was still pretty frantic, but then Tippy moaned a different moan and the mother was back with her babies like nothing happened. I realized then, Tippy was more special than I’ll ever know.

A couple of days ago I received an odd email that had a picture of Tippy and a Gnome in a boat. The same boat we’ve seen him in from other sightings. The email read a possible sighting after crazed bear, wearing a tie, was being chased by officials. We are unclear as to why he was being chased

Our investigators have not contacted us in months. We don’t know who to trust anymore. Our other sources have gone quiet, except for one. They tell us they are getting information from our investigators, but it doesn’t make sense to them. They’ve sent a map of a strange island and have assured us they are discovering it’s origin We are still waiting for our copy of the map.

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