Infinity Weave

Crazy 8, crisscross, no matter what you call it. it’s one of the coolest weaves. It’s neat, lets light through, has a mysterious effect, and can be integrated into just about any weave.

Not the easiest, however. But if you practice the steps and are patient, there’s no limit to what you’ll do with this weave.

Lets begin with tools, you will want at the very least wire cutters. This is just practice, not a project.

You will need wire cutters, cut 2 pieces of 20 gauge wire about 8 to 10 inches in length. These are called frame or base wires. You’ll notice each artist using different phrases or descriptions, but it’s all the same

I’m using an earring back to help me keep my wires separated and stay uniformed. This is optional. I thought it would be a good idea to show you. If you need a wider gap between frame wires, add a bead the size you need the gap to be, behind the earring back, then add another earring back so the bead doesn’t slide all over the place
Place the weaving wire on the back side of one of the frame wires.

Wrap it around 3 times. On the third wrap, go around a little more, kind past the half way point
Place the other frame wire in front of the wrapping wire so it touches the earring back. Or use your fingers.. Then pinch the weaving wire against the newly added frame
Fold your weaving wire over the top of your frame, then pinch it down.
Now bring it between the 2 frame wires and lead it around (wrap) the top frame wire 2 times. Stop on the second wrap.
pinch the weaving wire down, as seen in photo, so it is straight. Remember not to pull.. During this time, make sure your top frame wire is still touching the earring back to make sure you’re the frame is uniformed..
Slide your weaving towards the back of the bottom frame and wrap 2 times.
On the second coil wrap slide your wire between the 2 frames and straight up. Begin to wrap the top frame as you did in the previous steps. Be patient and gentle. Your weave will look out of shape but that’s why we practice 🙂
I hope you master this weave technique! It’s literally my go to weave. If you use a dead soft wire and don’t pull on the weaving wire, your own crisscross weaves will be amazing.

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