I use this weave in my guitar projects. It’s a neat and easy weave. Looks the same on both side too. You see it a lot with overlap designs and crystal point wraps. It’s an easy weave that takes a lot of wire! I find it very appealing to both women and men when used. Takes a little bit to get use to the pattern but well worth it.

This pattern I call a ladder because of the look.

Your weave will not be beautiful at first. If it is, you’re going places fast! But usually we all have our disappointments. Practice! Be Patience! You’ll reach your goals!

The first steps are below. Have fun and don’t forget to look around. Join our Facebook group and share your work

Repeat these steps for as long as you need you weave to be. This is also good for counting your wraps. If you write yourself notes or tutorials, knowing wire size and amount of wrapping rotations is a big plus 😉

Check back for more tips and skills

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