Love You to The Moonstone

A beautiful ring, with a heart on each side, holding the gorgeous moonstone close! A symbol of Love.

I sat down one day, after the news of a close loved one’s passing. My heart was heavy with sorrow and I began to bend some wire. I felt so inspired by the love they offered everyday. Unconditionally! Those feelings poured out into the creation of this ring and every time I wear it, I have a sense of calm and love, as if all the love they had passed through me onto to the ring, was filling me back up. Each ring I’ve made since, has it’s story to tell too! An energy of love and compassion that can be overwhemling at times.

Each person who received one wrote me to tell me just how special this ring is to them. I never thought what I felt from this ring, would have the same effect on others. I hope you receive the same familiar feelings we all felt, when you receive yours.

I use a heavy gauge copper wire to make these. Copper because of the energy released from it. Although some believe it’s a myth of sorts, copper does carry a powerful energy that many believe enhances spiritual properties in the gemstone. I don’t know if this is a fact, I do know how the ring makes me and over 2000 others feel, and it’s very positive. Copper is also not a natural element on Earth. It is only created by the death of a second generation star…imagine THAT energy now surrounding you everyday day with all the positive energy you can handle :)!!

NOTE: I do make these in silver. I do not keep silver on hand and has become hard to get delivered in a timely manner. I can take a silver order, however I can not guarantee when I will have it ready.

When you order, please make sure I know what size you want. I also need to know if you want your ring oxidized (antiqued) or leave the copper shiny. I will have your ring ready within 48 hours of purchase. You will receive tracking information, and many ways to contact me.

When you’re ready, here’s the order form.

Original Love You to the Moonstone Ring
A beautiful ring, with a heart on each side, holding the gorgeous moonstone close! A symbol of Love.
Available Qty: 10
Price: $29.99
Price: $15.00
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