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We have always said “It’s your house too.”

MJ’s Blues and Dance was established in Feb, 2007. It’s a Live Venue residing inside a 3D environment called Second Life. Me and my partner, CapnJac Blazer, opened MJ’s Blues because of a few different reasons.

    1 – During that time there were few venues in SL


    2 – We loved knowing that once MJ’s was built, it would be there for everyone and anyone, period. It’s a place many people called home because no one told them otherwise.


      3 – The live venue turned into a House of Blues which was amazing to us. Knowing everyone that visited always returned told us we succeeded in building a place where feeling like you belong was unconditional!

It never mattered who you are, where you’re from, or where you’re headed…what matters is that you know you will always have MJ’s Blues. A gathering of friends and family at any given time on any day.
We have always said “It’s your house too.”

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