MJ’s Blues Club & Wire

Where the stars come down to play

MJ’s Blues Club has supported live music in Secondlife for a long time!! Most venues, similar to ours, rely on the (literal) unconditional support of fans. Their support for the wonderful venues and independent musicians, is unmatched by any other support system. But no venue can survive on tips and donations from fans, alone.

We have…

  • Musicians fees
  • land fees
  • Advertising fees
  • Hired help fees
  • list can go on….

So MJ’s Blue removed our house tip jar years ago, (WHAT?) But began a different way to make enough to support our venue, HIRE Independent Musicians, (which helps them) and let the Unmatched Support System take a break and enjoy a concert ESPECIALLY FOR THEM, so to speak!! An unspoken, Thank you for everything, concert 🙂 No obligation, no commitment, just good music, company, and an evening with friends

We don’t get the chance to host a lot of concerts, as you might have guessed lol

I wire craft different jewelry and things, create tutorials, and add them to our store. Some tutorials are free, but store items help keep our venue filled with music for people, from all around the world, to enjoy. We’re adding tips and skills, so you can learn to make cute and beautiful things too!

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