MJ’s Stream Solutions

Hello and Welcome to our shameless plug 🙂

MJ’s Stream Solutions was built in late 2007. It was necessary because, MJ’s Blues and Dance Club is a 3D virtual online Club, built in a community called SecondLife. MJ’s Blues needed a House and a Backup stream for Musicians in case their’s failed. They needed a clean, always up, dependable stream for Musicians and DJ’s to broadcast their shows for a world wide audience. Ever since, MJ’s Stream Solutions has been providing top quality SHOUTcast and Icecast streams to SL ( SecondLife ) and RL ( Real Life ) customer’s all over the world.

MJ’s Stream Solutions is on a 100% Dedicated non shared server, which means you get the best possible streaming experience. We offer SHOUTcast, and Icecast with Centova Controls. $7.99 per month usd for a basic starter 128kbp with 100 listeners. We can build you a Stream to fit your needs or you can pick from our premade setup’s. Please allow up to 24 hrs for a custom stream to be build, may only take 10 mins or an hr…ya just never know. Every stream package comes with support. We have a growing Knowledge Base to check thru in case you have a problem, or you can contact us directly for answer’s. MJ’s Stream Solution’s stands behind what we sell, Our No Hype, No Nonsense, Policy insures you get the best package at the best prices anywhere on the net 🙂

Musicians and DJ’s are always looking for a economical way to get their music out to the world, MJ’s Stream Solutions has exactly what you need.

SHOUTcast V1, V2
Icecast V2
For our Knowledge Base on SHOUTcast and Icecast Q-A click Knowledge Base

MJ’s Stream Solutions is on a 100% Dedicated Server! no shared space, no other sites, Just MJ’s Stream Solutions and MJ’s Blues and Dance Club. This is why we can offer very Affordable Top Quality packages with very easy setups and Full support.

MJ’s Stream Solutions is also setting up a Stream * Rewards program for our Real Life  Members , the same as SL residents have. Click here for info

SecondLife Residents  click here to go to our SHOUTcast Barn

Real Life People click here for info and to see our Stream setup’s

Create your own  Secondlife Resident click here to join.

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