Quality traffic to your website by real people.

Niche targeted advertising in the simplest way! Create a stream of visitors to your website with a few minutes of time. Not AIs or bots, we deliver real people, that are genuinely interested in your business and or offer.

What comes around, goes around. And this is a very true statement from MJ’s Traffic Team. When you visit a website, we send a real live person to yours. It that easy. 1.1 ratio

If you join now, you’re joining a brand new team, eager to build and share their business with you. And if you invite people to join, you gain advertising credits. We have supplies for you to use in order to build a strong, and active downline.

It’s a traffic exchange built for us. New and small Internet business owners need the same promotion as the larger companies. As we build the MJ’s Traffic Team, you will be part of a ever growing ad network, for us smaller businesses. In the coming months, as this team grows, I will be including us into our own ad server that is circulating across many advertising platforms and networks. As an example, Google/AdSence.

Here’s something different…

MJ’s Blues is a virtual venue hosting live concerts. We are a people’s venue. No doors to shut anyone out. And if someone needs the place for an event, they just say the word and it’s theirs! We have always been here for you. Now we’re here to help you more!

This is going to take a community effort. If you’re willing to participate, click here to create an account. We just starting to build. Our growth will benefit us all. In the next month, we will open our doors to the public

At this time we are not supporting cash payouts or any sort of paid to perform. We will supply you with the credits to start your ad campaign. Our goal is to be ready and eventually enable cash earnings section, so you can benefit even more!

If you build downlines, this is an excellent opportunity for you to invite your groups and lists for own additional growth. We supply you with ads and splash pages to help you build your network and personal splash pages for your direct downline building.

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