Red Mystery Box

Red Mystery Box Auction. Click Here for RMB Auction #23

To date I have hosted 22 mystery auctions, and each one was filled with more than the auction winner could ever imagine. The auction would start at an opening bid. As the bidding progresses, so does the value of the box.

In other words, let’s say we’re hosting a box valued at $50 dollars. The starting bid would begin at $10, with a shipping charge of $7.00 (due to weight of box) When the bids reach a level of $25 dollars (half the value of box contents) another item is added to bring the box value up. This makes it well worth the bid amount!!

The auction is timed. There are no extensions of time. If the auction is scheduled to end at noon, it ends at noon! No bids are accepted after timer ends, period. NO EXCEPTIONS WHAT SO EVER!

The Red Mystery Box Raffle!! I won’t reveal what’s inside the Red Box. I will give you other details for hints and clues.

How the raffles work.

Each purchase from our shop, between a scheduled time, is an automatic entry into the raffle. Your invoice number is your raffle ticket number. At the end of the scheduled time, a random number generator will choose the winning number.

We announce the winner in our Facebook Group and on our website! The winner is also notified by email.

Library Membership Raffle

Not a Red Mystery Box, but a great raffle!! Currently running

  • Start NOW
  • End January 7th 2022 At 3pm EST (New York Time)

Here’s how it works,

Similar to the Red Mystery Box Raffle. Difference is, all you have to do is purchase 1 of our tutorials. That’s it! We automatically add your invoice number to the random number picker. PLUS we’ll pick 5 winners instead of 1!

All our tutorials are currently on sale JUST FOR THIS RAFFLE! I want to make this as easy as possible!

Easiest way to know if you win is by becoming a free member. If you are one of the lucky winners, you’ll receive an email letting you know your account has been upgraded to Top Level! Giving you complete access to all the tutorials.

As a top level (Charter) member, you’ll also have access to our paid video library when complete, as well as have access to our affiliate section and begin inviting others using your own assigned link. You’ll be rewarded if someone joins! Details are located on our website.

That’s our raffles and auction in a nut shell. Complete details of each raffle and or auction will be posted with the event.

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