Straight Wires

We all go through wrinkled, twisted, and just plain wonky wires. A difficult situation, but with the right tools, it can be fixed (for the most part)

Most effective are nylon pliers. Gently hold your wire between the nylon and run it down the length of your wire. Don’t have a tight grip on the wire. but one to ensure your wire won’t slip out. Try not to curl it too, we all do that lol My nylons are in poor shape, so to make sure I don’t leave extra scratches I’ll place a cleaning cloth or a soft polishing cloth between the plier jaws to protect my wire. If you don’t have nylon pliers, you can use flat nose pliers with the cloth method the same way. Be sure not squeeze your wire. It’ll tinsel and become brittle after a couple straightening runs. (That can be cured as well. But not on this page)

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