Sun Catcher

I would like to tell you a little about sun catchers. Materials I use and where to put them. I worry about birds and insects slamming into my windows because of the sparkle, so I’ll hang these outside or somewhere inside the house. I’ll get into that. First, lets get into making them and just how easy it is.

I use lead crystal for the ultimate bling and rainbow effect. Asfour is who I buy. You can find them, wholesale from here. They have top quality crystals at affordable pricing.

Today I’ll show you, and talk about dangles for sun catchers. They can be used as a single sun catcher, or included in a unique design, which is my favorite style!

*An important tip, you are better off using glass or a clear, color plastic for sun catchers due to the sun bleaching real stones of their color. Any you make with real stones, try to keep inside or indirect sunlight to prolong their beauty

When I decide to make a sun catcher, it’s usually because I have a lot of pieces hanging around. I make little designs when I’m using up scrap wire, bored, or simply fidgeting around.

I find left over beads in different shapes, colors, and sizes. These make great matching hangers, add color to your creation, or however you end up using them.

I’ll be using reclaimed copper wire. Nothing gets wasted here lol.

PART 1 Check this video to make chain, hooks, and connectors to begin our creation


Finally part 3 of the suncatcher. Typical me video, really bad lol

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