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Pagan Moon Amethyst

A delightful chevron amethyst, hanging in the center of a copper Pagan Moon. The copper is reclaimed copper, cleaned, and hand hammered to shape the moon. Each piece is a little different from each other. Each one is approximately 1.5 – 2 inches in length. Comes on a black leather cord, ready to wear.

Amethyst Pendant Mini

This is one of the cutest pendants I’ve ever made. Ready to add to a charm bracelet, leather cord, or anywhere you want. Perfect drop pendant, or stocking stuffer idea! Act today! We use PayPal for all transactions. When you click to pay for your items, you will be taken from our site to PayPal. […]

Banded Amethyst

Amethyst is a highly popular stone. The birthstone of February. Once considered a anti-toxin. Vikings would drink from steins that had amethyst rocks in them, to help prevent drunkenness and prove they were able to hold their liquor. Today, we still use amethyst in spiritual healing and a powerful chakra crystal. Featured on this page […]

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