We will be updating terms of service, privacy, and other site policies as time goes on. Be aware we reserve the right to make changes and updates at any given time without prior notice.

On top of the same policies we’ve stuck to all these years, MJ’s Blues and Dance club is privately owned. A virtual service that offers internet broadcasting services (Shoutcast Stream Hosting) and a live 3D venue

This page is for 2021 Charter Membership Signup.

We reserve the right to make changes and updates without prior notice

As a Charter member to MJ’s Blues and Dance Club, you will be granted access to our affiliate/referral program. You will have the ability to earn up to $2.00 per new referral that clicks on your assigned affiliate link and completes registration for a paid membership with us. We reserve the right to make changes.

Any and all earnings you gain are your responsibility. We do not save tax information, this is not a job or employment. You will need to file taxes/claim earnings on your behalf.

There is no guarantee nor promise of success, longevity or income.

You agree you are joining during a pre-launch and there are no guarantees of timeline, success, or earnings.

You understand your membership grants you certain level access to membership and referral center. You need to submit a registration form upon signup which will be generated for you.

You understand this is a one time payment for life time access. If you unsubscribe/cancel your membership, you will need to rejoin via regular membership to regain access without referral program.

You understand other members will pay a subscription fee and will have limited access to the pages, downloads, and other protected areas

You understand you are joining while site is still adding content. This is a pre-launch

More will be added as necessary

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