Tippy Balloon Sighting

Tippy Balloon Sighting

We had a sighting! The information is limited, but it looks like Tippy may be floating in a balloon. I have no idea if he can fly it. I’m hopeful!

Tippy is a special and unique member to the MJ’s Blues family. When we found him, he was alone and frightened. He never acted as you expect a bear to act, He followed us all over the farm as we cleared it up, uncovered a cool pond and found a barn with more surprises inside. As Tippy grew, he showed us just how special he is everyday.

Currently, our trusty PIs are looking at a report that Tippy was seen working hard at a merchant street shop to be able to afford passage off that island. Our PIs were cut off before they could tell us where, but we at least know they’re closer everyday.

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