I’m not sure what the legitimate name for this weave may be, so we’ll call it a triangle. (lol)

It’s a great frame for living wreaths if you know how to make them. This would be for a scarf, hat pin, lapel pin, necklace, even bracelets type living wreath, wearable :).

You’ll need 2 pieces of 20 gauge wire about 8 inches long. Dead soft is best. But this is practice, not a project. It’s up to you

About a foot (12 inches) to 18 inches of 24 gauge wrapping wire. Dead soft

Take 2 pieces of 20 gauge wire. For practice it doesn’t matter if it’s half hard or dead soft. Cut about 2 pieces about 6 to 8 inches. Then cut a wrapping wire 24 or 26 gauge dead soft. Make it about 18 inches long.
Place your thicker wire on top of the thin wire (wrapping wire) and wrap 3 times. so you’re wire is coming from the bottom, over the top, 3 times. Wrap once more half way so the wrapping wire is pointed up and leans a little to the back
Now place your second wire on top of the first one so the wrapping wire is behind it, as seen in the photo
Keeping a decent gap or distance between the 2 base wires, wrap 6 times around the new wire. DO NOT PULL. End it on the 6th wrap with the wrapping wire coming from the back pointing down. You’ll want to hold the base wires tight to keep it uniformed or you can use a bead, or earring back.
Wrap 6 times around the top base wire ending on the 6th rotation with the wire pointing down
Lean the wire so it touches the bottom coils.
Coil wrap 6 times around the bottom base wire stopping on the 6th coil so your wire is pointing up and lean it against the other coils
Hold tight and fold the wrapping wire around the top base wire and wrap 6 times stopping on the 6th coil with the wrapping wire pointing down (see a pattern forming here lol)
Continue the process until you have what you want. The more you practice, especially this particular weave and the crazy 8, the better you’ll become.
Thank you for viewing this skill. I hope it helps you with your creations and more! Join us for more tutorials here, it’s free!

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