2 Wire Pendant with Gemstone Dangle

Please excuse the extremely large image down below. It’s being stubborn

What you’ll need for this project

  • 2 Pieces of 20 gauge, dead soft wire cut in 12 inch lengths each (about 30cm)
  • 1 piece of 26 gauge, dead soft wire cut to about 4 feet.
  • a bead, or a charm you made, no bigger than 8mm
  • Wire cutters
  • flat and round nose pliers. Nylon flat tip can be useful as well
  • a ring mandrel or something round that’s about an inch wide

Use the 26 gauge wrapping wire and wrap it 3 times around one of the 20 gauge pieces (frame), as seen in photo 1 (first photo at the top left)

Place the other 20 gauge wire on top of the wrapped one, then wrap 2 times around both wirs so they are wrapped together.

Separate the frame wires a little and wrap the wrapping wire around the bottom frame 2 times.

Wrap around both frame wires again so it starts to look a little like the picture Repeat this until you have 20 rotations, or about 1.5 inches of the frame wrapped
Take your round nose plyers, grab the top frame wire and bend it straight up
Now place your pliers as seen in the photo, so they touch the bottom frame, and bend the back around so it’s straight down

Straighten the wire out to line back up with the bottom.
Begin the 2/2 weave again. Equal amount of rotations. I used 20. End the weave with 3 wraps arond the bottom frame wire to match the beginning
I use a ring mandrel, but as long as you can get a rounded shape, start forming it into a circle or oval if you wish.
Your frame should look a little something like the one shown.
You can wrap a bead to add to this or use a pre-made. Here I’m using an 8mm tear drop ruby. Pull a small piece of wire through and pinch the wires at the top
With your needle nose pliers, hold the wire tight and wrap it around the pliers halfway so your wires are pointing down. Turn your pliers up and bring the wires back around to the top
take the ends of the bead and stick the wires through you loop on the frame as seen
Wrap the wires around the once to secure it as the top dangle. Make sure you leave enough room before you secure it so you can move the bead into place.
Free form the wires below. Make swirls and you can add another loop to attach another dangle

I hope you enjoyed this project.

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