2/2 Weave

This is a short lesson to explain what a 2/2 weave is and how to do it. It’s simple and a very neat weave most commonly used in wire wrapped projects and designs. Once you’ve mastered this weaved, you’ll have the ability to create millions of different designs, from one simply weave

Lets start.

cut 2 pieces of wire, 20 gauge or more, just a couple inches for practice purposes. This is called either frame or base wire. Depends on artist

Then cut 10 inches of weaving wire. If you have it, 26 gauge, dead soft is good for practice.

Start by wrapping your weaving around a frame wire, 3 times.
Start by wrapping your weaving around a frame wire, 3 times. Wrap from front to back. Stop on the 3rd rotation with your weaving wire pointed to the upper part of your wrap.
Take the other 20 gauge wire and line it up behind the weaving on top of the first one. Wrap the wrapping wire around both pieces 2 times
Separate the 2 frame wires a little and wrap around your first frame wire 2 times with the weaving wire.
You just completed your first complete 2/2 rotation.
Do this a few more times to get a good feel.
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